£95.00 95.00



Diversion to UK Cellphones and many EU Location plus the UK at just 6p a minute!

Create the Appearance of being a local company anywhere in the UK - we can supply a local phone number (also known as a virtual number) almost anywhere at £95 Per Year.

Calls received are charged at 4 pence per minute - per second billing to UK landlines and 6p to UK mobiles

Please Note: We can normally connect London 0203, 0207, 0208 on the same working day – numbers for other areas may take a day or two longer.

Local Phone Numbers - also known as Virtual Phone Numbers allow businesses to purchase numbers in other areas of the UK (including England, Scotland, Wales & N. Ireland) where they don't have offices. Because Yellow Pages no longer require advertisers to display an address you now have an excellent opportunity to attract out of area enquiries with Local Phone Numbers - or Virtual Phone Numbers.

We have 497 UK areas where we can set up Local Phone Numbers and have them pointed to your existing landline or cellphone.

To order your Local Phone Numbers call us on UK 01432 280059 or you can order online.


Will Local Phone Numbers increase the number of "out of area" enquiries I receive?

How do Virtual Numbers work?
A Virtual Phone Number is "pointed" at your landline or mobile. You can ask us to change where the Local Phone Number is pointed to which we will do at no charge. We bill you for calls every month although most clients lodge a deposit as a safeguard in case there are issues with the card. The bills are by the second - we don't round up to the nearest penny.

I am in and out all the time. Can I divert my Number?
Your Number will automatically follow any diverts set up on your landline or mobile. For example if you routinely divert incoming calls to your mobile, answering service or Skype when you leave your office then inbound calls to your landline made on your virtual Number will follow the divert to your mobile.

Can people call my Virtual Number from anywhere in the UK?

Can people call my Virtual Number from abroad?
Yes from anywhere worldwide.

How soon will the number be connected?
We can usually connect numbers on the same day.

Can you forward my new number to a Skype or VOIP number?
Yes we can, forwarding your calls free to a Skype or VOIP number will work the same as if routing to a landline.