UHF Pen Transmitter - Ex Display to Clear at Reduced Price

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SKU: FPK-300

This professional crystal controlled UHF Pen Transmitter has exceptional performance for such an innocent-looking item! The pen looks totally normal and even works as a pen, it is ideal for all types of surveillance applications because if it's sitting on a desk or in a bedroom it will never look out of place and even if someone picks it up there is nothing to indicate it is anything other than a conventional pen.

The miniature transmitter contained in the pen will send a clear, powerful and stable signal up to a maximum range of approximately 250 meters (line-of-sight) and is perfect for quick and easy short-term room or office surveillance.

This is a sophisticated piece of equipment for professional use, it is perfect for deployment in situations where other audio room bugs would be impractical due to difficulties with placement or concealment etc. The transmitter works with our KZ100 and CA10 receivers.

  • Dimensions: 130mm X 15mm
  • Power: 2 X  SR48W Watch Batteries
  • Frequency: 398.60, 399.45 or 398.03 Mhz
  • Antenna: Internal
  • Battery Life: 6-10 HoursDependingon Battery Quality
  • Range (Average and LOS Maximum) 110 - 250 Metres