Smoke Detector WiFi Covert Surveillance Camera DVR

£249.00 249.00



This camera concealed in a smoke detector which has a tiny pinhole lens and WiFi camera cleverly concealed within the casing this camera will function as the spy in your lounge, office, bedroom, workplace in fact any place you choose. The device is very easy to set up and use compared with other models on the market which ofter require complex and time consuming router settings. You can view live video, up to 4 cameras on computer, or as many cameras as you want on an iPhone or Android phone by downloading the free apps. The camera works from a battery holder that will fit inside the air freshener so you can use rechargeable batteries for quick deployment. Using 4x AA 2300ma rechargeable batteries will last about 9 hours. The camera is supplied complete with 4GB micro sd card (for the camera with operating guide, wifi tools, client software) on the SD card, card reader, and battery holder. Below are the key features:
  • Remote surveillance by WiFi or 3/4G User password
  • Monitoring by cell phone, computer or tablet from any location
  • Password Protection
  • Point to point surveillance without WiFi
  • Video in SD memory (4GB SD card will record 16 hours on a loop)
  • Up to 32GB SD Cards can be used
  • Download software at the iPhone app store to watch up to 4 cameras
  • AVI Video resolution: 720P (1280x720)
  • Audio 3 to 5m
  • Optional Battery Holder for Easy Access and Above Ceiling Concealment
  • Easiest camera to set up and use Pinhole lens to ensure total covert operation
  • Rechargeable batteries for quick deployment
  • Time and Date Stamp (time will be GMT +7 due to server location)