PVS-7 Image Intensifier Night Vision Goggles

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The PVS-7 night vision goggle with a Gen 2+ 45-51lp/mm Resolution Tube is one of the leading high performance night vision devices available. This device is one of the current military issue night vision for a large number of forces worldwide.  There are thousands of these units in use in a wide variety of variants from Gen 2 right up to the latest Gen 3 variants. The benefit of these devices is that not only are they water resistant but they can be operated hands free. Features include an infrared LED for use in complete darkness and to assist in reading maps, an LED warning light is also built into the unit to remind the user that the infrared LED can be seen by others who are using night vision devices in the vicinity. A low battery warning light is also built into the unit and there is also a high light cutoff which will turn the unit off if it is left on during daylight conditions. The PVS-7B runs on two AA batteries which power the unit for more than 40 hours. For optimum performance, maximum durability, and the best possible supportability, the AN/PVS-7B is the best choice for law enforcement, security and military applications.

Please Note: The PVS-7 can also be equipped with Image Intensifier Tubes by Photonis: XD-4™, XR5™ and ONYX™.

PVS-7 Specifications

  • Optical Magnification - 1X
  • Objective Lens Focal Length - 26mm
  • Field of View (FOV) - 40º
  • Diopter Adjustments - -6 .. +2
  • Focusing Range - 25cm to Infinity
  • Interpupillary Adjustment - Range 55mm .. 71mm
  • Built-In Infrared Illuminator  - Yes, Short-Range
  • Light Overload Sensor - Yes, Built-In
  • Enviromental Protection - IP67, MIL-STD-810E
  • Battery Type - 2 pcs AA
  • Battery Life - 40+ hours
  • Weight - 528 grams (18.6 oz)
  • Dimensions - 158x150x85 mm
  • Operating Temperature -20ºC .. +45ºC

The PVS7 Night Vision Goggle / Binocular Kit comes with all the items pictured here, which include:

  1. PVS-7 Basic Kit Includes:
  2. PVS-7 Night Vision Goggles
  3. Set of batteries: 2pcs AA
  4. Rubber Eyecups: 2pcs
  5. Carrying Pouch
  6. De-mist Shields: 2pcs
  7. Sacrificial Window: 1pc
  8. Standard Head Gear PHG-7 with 3 pcs of interchangeable brow pads.
  9. Shoulder Strap: 1pc
  10. Neck Cord: 1pc
  11. User Manual
  12. 7-Year Manufacturer's Warranty