Professional Transmitting 3G Cellular CCTV System with Covert Button Camera and Transmitter

£250.00 250.00



This is the latest version of our super discreet and covert 3G module and camera which you can connect to any high quality CCD low LUX camera to achieve excellent video results although it is also supplied with a high quality 480 line 0.5 low lux camera with CMOS which is powered directly by the device.

This system gives great flexibility because the camera you use can be very small and concealed almost anywhere and then simply connected to the module nearby. This system will allow you to watch live video feed simply by making a video call from your mobile phone. The module operates from a mains power supply but also has a back up long life rechargable battery so that even in the event of a loss of mains power it will still run for about 10 hours. Keep in mind though that if there is a loss of mains power and the camera is powered by mains then you will not see video during the video call unless the camera is powered by some sort of battery pack or it is using the camera supplied with the device as standard. Generally it’s very rare that you will get power cuts or failures so this should not be a problem in most countries but if you are performing a surveillance operation where the power tends to go out regularly and you are not using the camera included with the system you should factor this in.

This surveillance package is very flexible and can be used with a wide range of cameras plus it has the advantage of being very simple to setup and operate and comes with detailed operating instructions.