Professional Grade Forensic Data Recovery Stick

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The Data Recovery Stick is the easiest way for anyone to recover deleted files. There's no software to download and install. Simply plug the Data Recovery Stick into a USB port, open the software, and start your recovery. Even if files have been deleted from the recycle bin, you can still recover them as long as they haven't been overwritten by new data. Recovering deleted data doesn't have to be overwhelming. Best of all, you can rest easy knowing the manufacturers years of digital forensic expertise will recover your files.

The Data Recovery Stick can booted in forensic mode. When a USB drive is plugged into an active Windows system, it creates a registry entry. When you boot into the Data Recovery Stick in forensic mode, it will not leave a trace on the target hard drive so this tool can be used by home users or computer forensic experts.

Please Note: The storage device you are recovering data from must be a physical drive. Some cameras, such as iPhone cameras, only give logical drive access and images cannot be recovered from such devices. You must also have the proper media reader for some types of storage.

Features and Benefits
  • Affordable Save a fortune compared to using an investigator or computer forensic lab
  • Flexible Recovers deleted files from computers, digital cameras, flash drives, memory sticks, or almost any data storage that mounts as a drive in Windows
  • Smart Data can't hide...recovery is based off of file headers and not file extensions
  • Product Overview
  • The Data Recovery Stick is used by law enforcement all around the world to forensically recover deleted data. It uses a cluster-by-cluster forensic grade data recovery algorithm so you can be sure if the data is still there, you'll get it back. The Data Recovery Stick can recover the following types of data: 
  1. .JPG (JPEG) Data Recovery
  2. .BMP (BITMAP) Data Recovery
  3. .PNG Data Recovery
  4. .TIFF Data Recovery
  5. .EMF Data Recovery
  6. MS Office Documents
  7. .DOC - Word Data Recovery
  8. .DOCX - Word 2007 Data Recovery
  9. .XLS - Excel Data Recovery
  10. .XLSX - Excel 2007 Data Recovery
  11. .PPT - Power Point Data Recovery
  12. .PUB - Publisher Data Recovery
  13. .VSD - Visio Data Recovery
  14. .MDB - Access Data Recovery
Open Office Documents
  1. OpenDocument Spreadsheet Data Recovery
  2. OpenDocument Text Data Recovery
  3. Open Office OpenDocument Presentation Data Recovery
  4. OpenDocument Graphics Data Recovery
  5. OpenDocument Database Data Recovery
  6. Other Documents
  7. .PDF - Adobe PDF Data Recovery
  8. .RTF - Rich Text Format Data Recovery
  9. AutoCad Data Recovery
  10. MindManager Brainstorm and Process Control Data Recovery
  11. .CHM - Help File Data Recovery
  12. .HTML - Web Page Data Recovery
  1. .MP3 - MPEG Data Recovery
  2. Supports Data Recovery From the Following Storage Devices Formatted as Fat 32 or NTFS:
  3. Hard Drives
  4. USB Drives (flash drives/thumb drives/etc.)
  5. Digital Cameras (must show as a physical drive)
  6. SD (Secure Digital Card)
  7. xD-Picture Card
  8. MiniSD
  9. microSD
  10. MemoryStick (MS)
  11. MultiMediaCard (MMC)
  12. MMCmobile
  13. Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC)
  14. MMCplus
  15. Reduced Size MultiMediaCard (RS-MMC)
  16. miniSDHC
  17. microSDHC
  18. MMCmicro
  19. CompactFlash (CF) Type I and II
  20. MicroDrive
  21. Memory Stick Pro
  22. Memory Stick Duo
  23. Memory Stick Pro Duo
  24. MemoryStick Micro (M2)
  25. MagicGate Memory Stick
  26. MagicGate Memory Stick Duo
System Requirements:
  • Works on any storage media formatted as FAT or NTFS
  • System Compatibility: Windows 7 or above
  • Compatible Media Reader