Professional Covert Needle Microphone For Security and Surveillance Applications

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This professional needle surveillance microphone is ultra covert and very easy to use. Manufactured by ourselves in Hereford, UK it is designed for long term security and surveillance applications and does not require batteries or any external power source. The needle microphone enables you to monitor situations which are normally either challenging or virtually impossible, it can be pushed through keyholes or spaces under doors or even through cracks in walls, gaps in window frames or even through small holes in ceilings. The brass probe is 85mm (3.35") long enabling it to be deployed in a vast range of situations. Many clients combine the microphone and a voice activated recorder, together they will pick up any sounds in a room or office and the tape recorder or digital voice recorder means you can record everything taking place even if you are not present and avoid the gaps of complete silence when nothing is happening at the target location, some digital recorders will record for 350 or even 500 hours! In voice operated situations this means weeks of unattended use is potentially possible. One things to keep in mind is you must enure the recorder has a microphone socket that is a standard 3.5mm but this is quite standard and accounts for 90% of those in use.