Night Vision Goggles Can be Head Mounted or Handheld - Generation 2+

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If you are looking for high-quality hands free night vision goggles for security, surveillance, law enforcement or marine applications these 2+ generation image intensifiers will be hard to beat for value and performance.

  • generation 2+ image intensifier tube;
  • automatic screen brightness control circuit;
  • high-light cutoff protection circuit;
  • built-in IR illuminator;
  • removable lenses 27F/1.25, 100F/1.5; 216F/2.3; 
  • removable light filter for high light conditions;
  • soft rubber eyeshield;
  • design of the device provides comfortable observation at any interpupillary distance;
  • illuminator operation indication;
  • low battery indication;
  • dessication cartridge;
  • two variants of headmount;
  • rigid and watertight design;
  • operating temperature range from -50°C to +50°C,
  • low temperature is limited by type of battery



Focal length, mm 27
Magnification, x 1
Field of view, deg 40
Resolution under illumination 5x10-3 lx, cy/mr 0.82
Diopter abjustment, d ±4
Focus range, m 0.25-?
Power supply voltage, V 1.5
Batteries 1 x AA battery
Maximal consumption current at T=20±5oC, mA, without illuminator / with illuminator 120 / 240
Battery life for continuous work without IR illuminator on at the temperature of +20oC, min, hours 24
Overall dimensions, mm 182 х 124 х 64
Weight, kg 0.5
0.75 (with mask and w/o counterweights)
0.9 (with mask and counterweights)