Needle Microphone with Room and Telephone Recording Functions

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This covert monitoring system manufacturer by Military Industries in Hereford consists of a discreet needle microphone and a recording flash drive. The device is completely voice activated and records for 33 hours with a battery life of up to 30 hours when fully charged. In addition to being a versatile room recorder the device is also a telephone recorder so it really is an amazingly flexible piece of equipment for the money which can fulfil multiple roles.

To set the device to operational mode you simply plug the needle microphone into the USB recorder. If you unplug the needle microphone then the USB becomes a very discreet recorder which can be left in any room, car or office because the voice activated mic will switch on at the slightest sound. Another benefit of this device is the mobile recording lead (included) which can be plugged into the flashdrive instead of the needle microphone and then allows recording of either mobile or landline telephone calls. The beauty of this device is that as a standard unit it can work as a needle microphone recorder giving access to a room or office wherever there is a small crack or gap such as in a window frame or alternatively by pushing it under a door, between a floorboard or through a vent, and secondly it will operate as a room recorder when you can actually gain access to the room and thirdly there is the option to use the telephone lead to record phone calls so in effect this is an amazing three in one device with a vast range of potential uses.

Not only is this device highly versatile it is also discreet because the USB recorder is small enough to fit in shirt pocket so no more bulky recorders to carry and no more complex settings to switch the device to record mode. It could not be easier because being voice activated the VOX recorder starts recording immediately the discreet switch on the side is pushed to the ON position and when recording is finished just push the switch to OFF position and it will save recording to its memory.


  • 33 hours Recording Time
  • Approx 24 hours battery life with full charge
  • Voice Activated
  • Can operate as a conventional room recorder
  • Needle Microphone enables recording even where there is no access to the room
  • Facility to record phone calls
  • Very small and discreet