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MWC MKIII Mechanical Needs Attention to the Crown but the Watch is Brand New

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This watch is a MKIIISS50M below is a full description of this particular watch and the issues which it has (or is reported to have because in many cases the watches do not have significant issues, below that is the full information relating to this model from the factory website which gives full details of all of the dimensions, specification and other information relating to the watch.

We buy these watches from various defence auctions and other disposal sales and it's frequently the case that we find that there is actually nothing wrong with the watch but it has to be assumed it will have some form of fault though in most cases it's very minor or as described below. These watches are disposed of at low-cost because we find that one of the problems is pressure of time for our service staff in the UK and elsewhere and in most cases they have given them a quick check over and nothing is immediately apparent though we have to assume that there is either no real fault with the watch or something will reveal itself over time in which case it’s normally a simple case of a service, repair or battery exchange depending on the exact model


Condition: Looks Brand New with plastic still on the crystal. The age of the watch is unknown but probably 10/12 years.

Fault: Crown will not screw down but watch is running etc and it would be a routine repair for a watchmaker.


Factory Description

Product Code: MKIIISS50M

The handwound MWC Mk III is a recreation of the classic 1950s NATO specification watches which were made under UK Ministry of Defence reference 6B/346 Mk XI. Although it is very similar in style to the watches made at that time it offers greatly improved accuracy through the use of a modern high performance 17 jewel movement. This watch whilst closely based on the old 1950s case design has been greatly improved to a rating of 100m for water resistance which greatly exceds most current military requirements of 30m-50m. This watch offers true military looks and appeals to both serving and retired military personnel.

These watches are built to a specification that could never even be contemplated by most current defence ministries because the reality is that with the budgetary constraints no modern military forces could affords watches of this quality when cheaper models can fulfill their need. In the past the worlds forces regularly purchased Rolex, IWC, Omega, Longines and various other well known brands. Unfortunatately those days are well gone. Because many people still want a military type watch that looks right even though it is made to a much higher specification than a current issue model we offer the MKIII. No expense has been spared to create a superior quality product, from the high performance movement to the brushed stainless steel 1950/60s design case which is manufactured and handfinished in Zurich the quality of finish is visibly superior to any current military watches.

  • Diameter - 38mm exc crown, 40mm inc crown
  • Water Resistance 100m
  • Screw Down Crown
  • Screw Caseback
  • Thickness 12mm
  • Strap: 18mm NATO

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