Miniature Pocket Bug Detector These Are The Last Few and Hence Reduced To Clear

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This brand new bug detector is a very competitively priced anti spying device but don´t let the price fool you, it will find any wireless spy camera or transmitter lurking in your home, car or office. Its very portable and handy in size which makes it easy to carry with your keyring.

To find hidden transmitter just press the button and move close to any object such as a plug socket or phone to see if it is a potential threat. The detector covers all frequencies from 30mhz right up to an amazing 2400mhz (2.4ghz)


* This Compact Handheld Detector Gives Both Visual and Audible Warnings of the Presence Of Transmitters.
* Detects miniature camera transmitters, bugs, GSM transmitter etc.
* LED Illuminator Confirms Presence of Transmitters
* Audible Alarm Gives Definite Confirmation of a Bugging Device.
* Why take risks when you can carry this detector to check your home, office and car?
* Covers all frequencies used by surveillance transmiterrs right up to 2400mhz and is therefore guaranteed to detect all the latest Spying devices.
* Also useful for confirming that transmitters for garage doors and cars are operational.
* Offers Long Range Detection to make it simple to scan a room.
* Different coloured lights indicate how close you are to a transmitter.

The device is absolute simplicity to operate. Just push a button and start checking for illicit hidden transmitters. If there is a transmitter operating within 2-3 meters ( 7 to 10 feet) of the detector the LED will turn orange. This enables you to start tracking down where the bug is hidden. Once you get with 60cm or around 2ft the lights will turn red and the audible alert will sound. 

The actual detection range tends to be affected by the frequency of the transmission and local condition but the figures above are a good guide. The device is powered by a standard 3V lithium CR2032 battery which is included.