Military Industries "Aldershot" PVD Safety Razor in PVD Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

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This is one the latest Safety Razors from Military Industries.

Made from 100% black PVD surgical grade stainless steel, the Razor is a work of art and is a seriously solid and heavyweight razor. The three piece design is finished in brushed, PVD stainless steel which gives it a very purposeful look.

This is a high precision razor, the razor is perfectly balanced so that the weight is in the head not the handle so you get meaningful feedback from the blade when shaving.

  • Open Comb Head
  • Length Inc Head: 106mm
  • Shaft Width 14.5mm
  • Engraved handle which provides a good grip when the razor is wet.
  • Supplied in a Protective Box



Deciding between a closed comb or open comb razor can be a bit difficult so here are some guidelines. The main difference is that an open comb razor has a row of teeth beneath the blade where closed comb has a plate. The plus point with open comb razors is that they don't get blocked so easily by shaving foam or gel. An important consideration is that open comb razors are slightly more aggressive than closed comb models but some people prefer this because with regular use you will get to know the razor and open comb is often considered to provide a closer shave. This is especially so because the open comb design means the foam can reach the skin much better providing improved lubrication, another plus in the opinion of two colleague and myself here in the office is that because they shave closer it requires fewer passes to get the perfect shave hence we use them but it's really a case of personal choice and if in doubt my advice is opt for closed comb to play safe because it still give a superior shave to a multi blade razor.

One area where open comb razor excels though is if you only shave occasionally e.g one or twice a week, this is because it does not tend to become blocked with hair, foam and other debris.

  1. A slightly more aggressive shave but also required fewer passes than a closed comb razor
  2. Tee teeth of a open comb razor allow more lather to remain on the face improving lubrication
  3. It also lifts the hair better, resulting in a closer shave.

Some people feel that open comb razors are significantly more aggressive, but there are a lot of additional factors which contribute to the quality and closeness of your shave, Our closed and open comb razors are not significantly different in aggressiveness, some clients tell us they feel that open comb razors can actually be milder than the closed comb alternatives so it really comes down to personal choice.