Listen Through the Wall Surveillance Device Hear Through a wall 300mm (12") Thick!

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The Listen Through The Wall Device is a special contact mic and amplifier device that will pick up the slightest sound through solid barriers, such as walls, partitions and windows. The device consists of a special amplifier, to which is attached a ceramic contact microphone - a specialised sensitive instrument that picks up slightest vibrations from the wall and converts them into audible sound. The adjustable amplifier intensifies the sound making it loud enough for the human ear to comfortably hear. Treble and bass controls on the amplifier can be used to clarify the sound for the listener
The unit works best on solid barriers, such as concrete brick or glass, but can also obtain good results on cavity walls up to 300mm (12 inches thick). Sound monitoring is achieved through included stereo headphones and the unit has a audio output socket for connection of a suitable recorder (see our Voice Recorders section)

  • Search & Rescue: Hear people trapped in basements, elevators, under rubble etc.
  • Bomb Detection: Listen to packages to indicate a ticking clock.
  • Diagnostics: Find problems in engines, transmissions and other mechanical apparatus.
  • Pest Control: Find location of insect or rodent infestations, active termite colonies in walls, ceilings and floors.
  • Plumbing: Find locations of leaking pipes in concrete or walls.
  • Listen through solid and cavity barriers up to 300mm (12 inches thick)
  • Bass and Treble controls for audio adjustment
  • Supplied with stereo headphones
  • Powered by included 9V (PP3) Battery - giving up to 24 hours of use
  • Audio output socket for connection of suitable voice recorder