Keylogger Keystroke KL-2 Monitors All Activity on your target computer

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This keylogger provides keylogging and monitors computer activity and is ideal if you are not interested or able to use a software monitoring solution. Here are a few of the key benefits of KL-2 Keylogger:

No software! - KL-2 Keylogger is completely hardware based and does not require any special software to be installed or learned.

Plug and play - installs in seconds! - KL-2 Keylogger is a true plug and play hardware keylogger device. Simply connect Keylogger to your keyboard and PC and that's it.
Small and compact - nothing beats the size! - The KL-2 Keylogger is among the smallest and most discreet hardware keylogger devices you will find anywhere.

Undetectable by Anti Virus and other third party detection programs - You can rest easy and know that Anti Virus and other third party detection programs will NOT be able to detect our hardware keylogger KL-2 Keylogger, guaranteed!
Does not slow down or use any CPU resources - KL-2 Keylogger hardware keylogger does not utilize any CPU resources. Thus, you will never experience any sort of slow down or PC performance loss.

Fully compatible with ALL PC operating systems - the KL-2 Keylogger is fully compliant with Windows, Dos, Linux, and Freebased.

KL-2 Keylogger System Requirements
Platform: IBM/PC Compatible Computer
Memory Capacity: 64kb (Roughly 64,000 individual typed keys)
Connection Type: PS/2 (USB Not Supported)
Plug And Play: Yes
Protection/Security: Tamper-proof seal (heat shrink tubing)

Features of 16MB PS/2 Hardware Keylogger:

1. Play keylogger, no software to install!
2. Memory: 16MB
3. Records every keystrokes(chat, email, IM, and more)
4. Keyword / custom phrase search function
5. Works with any word processor / text editor
6. Can not be detected /defeated by anti-virus software
7. Works on wireless keyboards

Specifications of 16MB PS/2 Hardware keylogger:

1, No need software installation for record mode
2, Anti-virus software can not detect it
3, Recording each keystrokes
4, Memory:16MB
5, Recording time: over one year normal working
6, Playback in any computer with password protection
7, Work for any systems, windows,Mac,Linux
8, Play back support windows 2000,XP
9, Dimension: Φ15mm x 35mm
10, Weight: 25g

Packing list of 16MB PS/2 Hardware keylogger:

1 x Keylogger
1 x User manual