GSM Surveillance Transmitter (USB Powered) Listen in from Anywhere, 24/7!

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GSM Transmitter - Enables monitoring from any location worldwide. Simply place the transmitter in any location such as under a table, on top of a cupboard or inside a car - in fact anywhere you can think of really! Then just dial the number of the SIM card inside and listen from anywhere.


1. Super-sensitive infinity audio surveillance device
2. Frequencies: 900,1800,1900 mhz
3. Built in high sensitivity microphone
4. 24 hour non-stop power supply via USB
5. All networks GSM SIM card compatible
6. Working range: 5~7 square meters
7. Receive sensitivity: -+10K
8. Working temp: -40~50'C
9. Responding frequency: 1.2K~800Khz
10. Stand-by time: 10 days