GSM Infinity Surveillance Transmitter Built into a 4 Socket Extension Lead

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This device is very covert and concealed within a standard mains 4 way adaptor / extension lead. The biggest benefit of this type of device is that it can can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet and then enables you to monitor all activity in the room by dialling the number of the SIM card concealed inside the adaptor. Please note that this adaptor lead is fully functioning unlike many others which cannot power devices plugged into them.

To operate the device could not be easier simply dial number of the card inside the GSM Infinity Adaptor from anywhere worldwide and it will automatically transmit any sounds from up to 10m (33ft) away from the device.

  • Operates on all 4 cellular frequencies for use in any location
  • Easy to use - just dial the number.
  • Allows long term surveillance to be undertaken without arousing suspicion
  • Does not need a separate power supply
  • Fast and easy to move to a new location if needed
  • Unlimited Range
  • Easy to Install