Covert Wifi Surveillance Camera Disguised as a Speaker with an Incredible 60 Days of Battery Life

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Product Code: SP/CAM/3

At a quick glance this camera looks just like any other mini speaker but in reality is has some amazing features which people have been looking for a long time.

Whilst conventional battery powered WiFi cameras can only operate for about 12-15 hours, but this model is vastly superior and can operate for an unbelievable 60 days assuming it receives 20 motion detections per day. All of this on just one single charge of the battery. This means the device is ideal for long term surveillance applications where mains power may not be available but you still need long term monitoring.

We developed this device specifically for a leading security company who need to place cameras in locations where people rarely go and which are difficult or costly to monitor on an ongoing basis. The biggest plus with this system is that the camera has motion recording with push message so only when motion is detected by the camera will it start recording and then send you the push message so can then log into the camera and see live from anywhere.

You can also log in anytime you choose but generally with motion recording supported by push messages means the camera will alert you if motion is detected so there is no real need to bother.

By using a mini SD card (maximum 32GB) the camera will store about 2 years of motion recording based on 10 motions per day. This camera has invisible infrared LED’s and also time and date, it also offers remote playback so all the key features are available remotely from wherever you are.

The package consists of the camera, USB charging cable, charger and instruction manual.

Below are the specifications

  • Lens: 2.1mm/110 degree
  • Video: H.264
  • Audio: Yes
  • Infrared LED’s: Provide visibility up to 6 metres in darkness
  • PIR motion detection range: 5M
  • Cycle time: If there is no operation within 30 seconds after the last trigger the camera enters it’s sleep mode automatically.
  • Charge source: Mini USB 5V 1A
  • Dimensions: 62x46x10mm
  • Mini SD Card: Supports 32GB mini SD card
  • Battery and standby: 4000mA battery can last 60 days with 20 motion detections per day.
  • Time and date: Yes
  • Remote playback: Yes
  • Can it work from mains charger for indefinite use: Yes