Compact Surveillance Video Recorder for use with CCTV Monitoring Systems

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This device is a high-performance, high-definition miniture digital video recorder which uses a ; SD card. Measuring just is 60 x 45mm it is extremely compact and discreet. It uses MPEG-4 video compression, and single channel resolution up to D1(704 x 576), 30fps for real-time, high-definition and low power consumption. The device is easily-operated and provides exceptional results. Features include motion detect recording, scheduled record, and manual record, the SD card is up to 32GB expandable, and the DVR offers direct playback on a TV, computer monitor or a laptop computer using the SD card reader.

  • MPEG-4 video compression
  • D1(704 x 576) resolution
  • MPEG-4/ASF video format, MP3 audio format
  • Real-time stamp on videos, overwrite
  • Manual/motion detect/scheduled/power-up record
  • audio input, audio compression 8KHZ/ADPCM
  • 5/15/30fps optional
  • SDHC memory support, up to 32GB
  • TV-out enables better resolution on a TV screen
  • MPEG-4/ASF playback
  • AV-IN, AV-OUT directly connects with a camera, TV or monitor
  • Supports IR remote operation
  • Low power-consumption, 1W when standby, 2W when recording
  • Dimensions: 60 x 45mm, weight 120g
Package includes:
  • Mini DVR
  • Power adapter (US, EU or UK Plug as preferred)*
  • Remote control
  • AV/DC cables

* We would normally ship the correct plug based on your location but if you require a different plug let us know.