Night Vision Camera with LCD Screen and a Mount for a Rifle Scope Includes IR Illuminator

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This surveillance device is ideal for hunting applications or general surveillance and is supplied with a powerful 5 Watt 850 nm LED Infrared IR illuminator.  The night vision distance is up to 200m (665ft) in full night vision mode. At night the green screen is typical of most night vision systems but can be used in standard colour mode during the day, it will automatically switch to night vision once the light level is sufficiently low. The infrared illuminator (supplied) is invisible to both human and animal's eyes and is only visible through this device or other night vision systems.


Switch: Night vision with switch, a key to power a key off.
Built-in voltage indicator  (the battery voltage can be seen directly on the screen)
Camera Parameters: 0.0001 ultra low-light 1/2 MCCD, 25mm Focal Length
Operating voltage: 6.0-12V
Night Vision with output interface to enable use with video equipment.
Night vision equipment upgrades to black and white with colour light-sensitive switch 
4.3-inch display


  • Night Vision CCD camera
  • Note: It does not need another power source if its run from the monitor
  • 4.3 inch screen
  • Tube adapter suitable for riflescopes or cameras. The eyepiece diameter is 50mm maximum
  • Suitable for a camera lens: Max. 28mm
  • Rifle Scope mount (rifle scope not included)
  • Uses 3 x 18650 Lithium batteries (4 are supplied with a charger which is 3 for the scope and 1 for the illuminator)