100 Hour UK Recording Wall Outlet Surveillance Recorder

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SKU: DA280

A fully fuctionioning UK market mains double outlet with a total covert voice recording capability. The special enhanced FET microphone will capture sounds up to 10 metres with crystal clear recording and will record without any flashing lights or beeps. Simple activation using a pin inserted into a hole on the underneath edge and then removed will start the recording. When recording is finished simply push the pin once again into the hole and remove it. The recording will now be saved and the voice module will turn off.

The device has a built in Li- rechargeable battery which will last approx 15 hours with each charge. Charging the battery is simple and it has a small USB connector recessed on the bottom edge so all you do is connect the charger into this USB connector and then plug charger into the mains socket itself. To listen to the recordings just connect the USB cable in the USB connector and the other end to your computer and you will be able to playback each recording.The stealth voice recording socket comes with mains charger, USB cable, Pin to activate and give you the option of auto recording or manual as preferred.

The other feature is that you can also use this as your mass storage device just by dragging and dropping important data, files pictures, and any other confidential information and nobody will ever know that there information is being stored on the device. Some features are listed below:
  • 2 way switched mains socket
  • Battery: built-in 120mah Li-battery (standard model) or with high capacity 360mah LI-battery
  • Charge time: 1 hour Approximately 
  • PC interface: USB2.0 
  • System requirement: Windows 98SE or above
  • Recording format: WAV
  • Audio: Play through computer
  • Total recording storage time: 100 hours
  • Battery life: Approx 15 hours each charge
  • Mass storage: Drag and drop files, pictures and any other confidetial information into this device