240 Hour Telephone Recorder Concealed in a ADSL Filter

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This ADSL filter looks outwardly normal in every way with the only difference being that it has a very discreet and  covert telephone recorder concealed inside. The special software deals with all the setting up for you completely automatically which make it the easiest telephone recorder available anywhere to hitch up and start gathering intelligence. Because it is fully automated there is no giveaway power button, no voice activation settings, no record buttons, in fact nothing at all you just plug it in and it goes straight to work. The record quality is crystal clear and will record both sides of every call and save it as a .wav file which can be downloaded to your computer.

The only difference between this and a standard ADSL broadband filter is that the modem connection is not functional and operates as a USB connector into which you plug the lead which is supplied with the device. To operate it couldn't be easier all you need to do is to firstly charge the Lithium battery by connecting the USB cable in the modem socket of the ADSL filter and the USB socket on your computer and let it charge for about 2-3 hours and then disconnect by using the safe to remove option. The battery should last at least 75 days on standby and normally whenever you listen to the recordings perhaps every few days or once a week or once a month, the battery will be automatically charged at same time. This means you will probably never have to charge it but we recommend a boost charge for 3 hours every six weeks just to be 100% sure its topped up.

To operate could not be easier you just connect the telephone plug from the ADSL filter to the telephone wall socket and plug the telephone into the phone socket. If you make or receive a call from any phone anywhere on the line the recorder will begin to record both sides automatically with superb audio quality and when you end the call, the recorder will save the recording in a numbered .WAV file so its easy to play them in sequence. 


  •     Battery: built-in 300mah Li-battery
  •     Charge time: About 2-3 hours
  •     PC interface: USB2.0
  •     System requirement: Windows XP/Vista/Win7
  •     Recording format: WAV
  •     Audio: Play through computer
  •     Total recording storage time: 240 hours
  •     Battery life for recording: Approx 20 hours of actual recording with fully charged battery.
  •     Battery life in standby: Approx 75 days if telephone is not used.

Please note: We stock this device in a variety of specifications for most countries worldwide if you select other during checkout we will build it to be compatible with the plugs in the country where you are located.