One Pint 19th Century Pattern Pewter Baluster Tankard - This is a Perfect Remake of the original

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Our solid pewter 19th century pattern Baluster tankards are manufactured in London and Birmingham to the exact design and dimensions used by the manufacturer in the 19th century, this means that this tankard not only looks identical to those made in the 19th and early 20th century but it even weights exactly the same at 584g (1.29lb) as the originals making it vastly more substantial than other tankards produced by other manufacturers, interestingly many companies do not even state the weight of the tankards which they manufacture or sell but we have weighed a large cross section and some are as light as 200g (7oz) with an average of 275g (9.7oz) so these tankards at 584g (1.29lb) are in a complete league of their own when compared to the lightweight alternatives.

The final three images show one of the manufacturers tankers made over 100 years ago which is exactly the same size and weight as the current model.