Radex RD1503 Radiation Detector / Dosimeter

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The RADEX RD1503 is an up-to-date and reliable instrument for detection of a radiation, designed for household consumers who have knowledge of dosimetry at a common level and wish (or enforced) to use dosimeters.

The quality of indication of any dosimeter depends first of all on the built-in detector of ionizing radiation. The RADEX RD1503 contains a low-voltage SBM20-1 type Geiger-Muller counter of hard beta and gamma radiations, which is used in professional dosimetric equipment.

The RADEX RD1503 is made for detecting a level of radiation in both the open air and indoors, for the estimation of radioactivity levels of both materials and objects. The device is specially designed for ease of use; therefore users do not need to know dosimetry, all information required is set out  clearly in the manual.

Taking into account the various requirements and needs of specific customers the item has a large number of individual installation-specific settings, i.e. units of measure, threshold valuations of beep and volume, mode of a display illumination for using in conditions of a low lighting. All these set-ups, including battery indicator, are represented on a 3 × 4,5 cm display.

A graphical display allows the items to be set out in all major languages. 


Range of  dose rate indications, μSv/h    0.05 to 9.99 
Range of exposure dose rate indications, μRem/h    5 to 999
Range of gamma radiation energy, MeV  0.1 to 1.25
Reproducibility of indications (at confidential probability 0.95) , %   15+6/p
                                         where is a dose rate in  μSv/h  
Chime levels (alarm rate),  
                          μSv/h   0.30, 0.60, 1.20
                          μRem/h 30, 60, 120
Time of calculation, sec 40+- 0.5
Time of indication  continuously
Power elements  2 elements AAA
Time of continuous work of the device, not less than, hours  550
Time of calculation, sec  40+- 0.5
Weight (whithout power elements), kg, no more than   0.09
Height x breadth x dept, mm no more than     105 x 60 x 26