Covert Needle Surveillance Microphone and Recorder

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This covert surveillance device consists of a high gain amplifier with a built in voice recorder which can store a colossal 280 hours of recordings. The device uses a special needle microphone to capture sounds when access to the location is either very difficult or impossible. The 85mm long needle microphone (85mm is the brass probe excluding the lead) can be pushed through keyholes or gaps under doors or through cracks in walls or even small holes in ceilings or window frames in fact anywhere there is a gap it will be possible to utilise this device. 

It is very simple to operate you just slide the back cover on the small box and insert 3 AAA type batteries and close the cover. You then insert the pin microphone in the small jack socket at the front and the earphones in the large jack socket. Move the switch on the small battery box to ON position to turn on amplifier and you will be able hear everything that the pin microphone is picking up. You can push the pin microphone through any keyhole to listen to sounds in another room. The amplifier also has a built in microphone so if the pin microphone needs to be unplugged the internal microphone immediately starts working which provides a backup solution and this feature is also useful if you wish to record sounds in the room you are in and not the other room you were monitoring with the needle microphone. The volume is attenuated on the earphones to avoid feedback but when you slide the switch on the side of the box to RECORD the sound is not attenuated and recording will be made at maximum sensitivity. When you want to save the recordings you just move the slide switch away from the red dot and it will save the recording, you can also move the slide switch on the small battery box away from the red dot to turn off amplifier.

To listen to your recordings it is absolute simplicity you just open the USB cover at the back of the box and connect the USB lead to your computer. Your computer will show removable disc F, click on this and then it will show REC folder. Click on the RECORD folder and then it will show the VOICE folder when you click on this folder it will show each recording as labeled REC001, REC002 and so on. Then click on the recording you need to listen and your media player will start to play.

The built in voice recorder has its own rechargeable Li-battery and to charge the Li-battery you just connect the USB lead to your computer for about 1 hour. Please note when recording the around the first 4 or 5 seconds is not recorded and also when saving the last 4 or 5 seconds is not saved so if you only do a recording for few seconds it will not work.

  • High gain amplifier (approx 5 times amplification) with built in microphone/needle microphone
  • Battery: 3x AAA battery 
  • Battery life: about 220 hours
  • Output: 8 Ohm stereo earphones
  • Needle microphone: High sensitivity FET acoustic pick up 
  • Battery: built-in 120mah Li-battery
  • Charge time: About 1 hour
  • PC interface: USB2.0 
  • System requirement: Windows 98SE or above
  • Recording format: WAV
  • Audio: Play through computer
  • Total recording storage time: 280 hours!
  • Battery life: Approx 15 hours each charge
  • Mass storage: Drag and drop files, pictures and any other confidential information in this device